• College education

More than half a million international students annually receive an education from an American university.


  • Professional future

The American university system is recognized worldwide as offering the most competitive education, which helps students succeed in their professional careers.


  • Prestige and quality

These universities offer you a flexible schedule, with variety, prestige and quality.


  • Personal experience

Opportunity to experience the American university life with great cultural variety and priceless personal experiences.

  • Economic aid

Scholarships will help you cover some of the tremendous economic costs that it takes to study in universities in the United States.


  • Housing and meal plans

Our scholarships include housing and meal plans.  This will allow you to live and experience the American campus life.


  • University degree

Our scholarships will help you begin or continue studying for your university degree.


  • English programs

High English level its not required, as we offer you the opportunity to start in English programs at the universities.