Dream converted into +2 million dollar scholarships


Who would have thought that a project led by two students would get to offer more than two million dollars in scholarships to students from Spain, England, Serbia and New Zealand?

American Dream Studies was created by two students who met at college. These students were living a dream, the power to do what they liked, play football college sports competing at the highest level and study at the university. Because of the excellent experience we were living decided to create American Dream. This company was created with a mission, to help young students and athletes who should live the same experience as we lived.

It is now four years later when looking back, these two young graduates can see that the effort pays off.

We do not forget our first event was in Madrid in December 2012. In a room with more than 50 people in the voice trembled as we were presenting our program, but still convey confidence to the families. The first students who signed are now part of our team! It is the ESSENCE American Dream! All our employees are former students trained in American universities. Here is our key to success. Families rely on our services for our clear and close message and engagement with them.

We all believe that international education with the practice of sport at a high university level is the way of preparation to succeed in a highly competitive and globalized professional world.

This has been our key to success. Year after year we have been overcome! And so as a project carried out by two students has reached $2 million in scholarships to students spread! We believe in what we do!

We have already fulfilled our dream! Now it’s your turn!